Amy and Michael

There aren't nearly enough superlatives to explain how incredibly amazing Swiss Dot Weddings was to work with. Alexis is a rock star Day of Coordinator!! She was great at keeping us on track with our planning along the way and made it super easy to share our notes and information with her to take over a few weeks before the wedding. She seamlessly managed all of our vendors (and family at times-bless her patience!) to ensure that my husband and I were able to enjoy our day to the fullest! She went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything we needed or wanted at every moment of our special day and we are eternally grateful for how she helped us to pull off one of the biggest parties we'll ever host!! Alexis was there for me by phone, text, email at all times of the day leading up to the wedding and always knew just what to do to save the day! I would highly recommend booking with Alexis the moment you have a wedding date determined, she was definitely one of our very best vendors for our big day!


“Having Alexis as part of our wedding was a welcomed addition to the already special day. Dealing with multiple vendors could have been a nightmare but Alexis knew exactly what to do. We met with her multiple times prior to the wedding, gave her the info she needed, and she knew exactly what to do based on what we wanted. We didn’t have a worry in the world and were able to enjoy the most incredible day of our lives!”

Beth and Adam

"Our wedding day was 100% stress free thanks to Alexis from Swiss Dot Weddings! We hired Alexis as our day-of coordinator and started planning months before the big day. While I researched and hired my own vendors, Alexis provided me with a checklist and an incredibly thorough spreadsheet custom tailored to our wedding day festivities, bridal party and guests. She reviewed every minute detail with me far enough in advance so that our to-do lists were never overwhelming. On top of that, she ran out during the reception to buy Benadryl for a guest who had an allergic reaction. Hire Alexis if you want to enjoy a stress free wedding day. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is worth every penny!"

Stacy and Adam

"Working with Alexis at Swiss Dot Weddings was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our November 2014 wedding! Every time we met beforehand she was very well prepared, organized, and thorough in covering every detail of what we wanted our big day to look like. She was very flexible to our schedule and provided excellent ideas when we truly had no clue what we needed or wanted. On the day of our wedding she did a fantastic job of keeping our vendors, parents and wedding party on a focused schedule so we could do all the things we had planned. If it wasn't for her service and expertise I can honestly say I would have been too consumed with the logistics to truly enjoy every second of the most important day of my life."

Jay and Laura

"You may not need a wedding planner but a day of coordinator is an invaluable addition to your big day.  Between the venue, photographer, DJ, florist and bakery, I had quite a few vendors converging on the big day.  Without Alexis from Swiss Dot Weddings, there is no doubt that instead of a practically perfect day, I would have been stressing about who needed to be where and when.  There was literally nobody at my venue to help us know what was going on; I am glad I didn’t have the opportunity to see what a disorganized mess everything from the ceremony to introductions would have been without her, plus she basically ran the rehearsal the day before! 

It wasn’t just the vendors; she worked with me to have a schedule for the parents, bridal party and my husband and me as well.  By the time dinner was being served I was ready to tell my bridesmaids to scoot down and make a space for Alexis right at the head table.  She handled my big day like someone who had been my BFF for ages.  Alexis’ work was practically priceless and I would think anyone who has the opportunity to work with her would be a fool not to!"

Patrick and Kathleen

"Hiring Alexis to serve as our day-of wedding coordinator was one of the best decisions we made in terms of our wedding planning. She was incredibly helpful as we planned our wedding, but especially on our wedding day. While we worked with our vendors leading up to the wedding, Alexis handled all of the logistics that day with a calm and ease that clearly demonstrated her love of weddings. 

Something goes "wrong" at every wedding. When things came up at our wedding, we pretty much had no idea they were happening or if we did, we knew Alexis was there to deal with them. She handled every issue that arose from our vendors and family. When things did occur, she conferred with us at an appropriate time to tell us the situation and how she was handling it, and we always agreed with her actions. Also, when we needed something (such as asking the band to make the music quieter during dinner), she immediately said "I'm on it" and took care of our request. She also checked in with us frequently just to make sure we were good. The bride's mother also shared with us that Alexis checked in with her throughout the event, which shows Alexis goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is having a good time!

Alexis was there to make our day run smoothly and because of her, we had a truly amazing experience at our wedding. What made working with her even better is that she is truly a delightful, energetic, caring, and fun person. We highly recommend her!"

Aaron and Julie

"Weddings involve so much coming together at one time, that some things will go wrong.  The question is…at 1 to 3 hours removed from your wedding ceremony, do YOU want to deal with it?  No! 

That’s why hiring Alexis to be our day-of coordinator for our March 2012 wedding was hands-down THE best decision of our wedding.  No exaggeration.  She met with us to help figure out all the day-of logistics, and on the day she solved any problem needing solving.

Alexis knows weddings and wedding planning inside and out. In figuring out the logistics of the day, she helped us put together a timeline and figured out the most efficient use of the bridal party / Family / Guests’ time.  As a prior bride she knew how overwhelming the day would be for us, so she suggested we build in time to collect ourselves and have our own time.  Like right after the ceremony we snuck off into the Pastor’s office, just the bride & groom (“We’re married!”).  She also had suggestions of how we could take in everything to make the night more memorable.  Lastly, she suggested an “inside joke” picture that we had the photographer take, and it is my FAVORITE!

On the day, Alexis carried around a day-of kit that had EVERYTHING in it.  If someone said they absolutely couldn’t go on unless they had a stick of cinnamon gum, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she pulled out cinnamon Trident, Dentyne, and a Big Red Plen-T- Pack for them to choose from!  She had everyone covered, and kept everyone in the know about where they needed to be now, and where they needed to be next.

Having Alexis as a buffer between our vendors and any problems was a blessing.  The one instance where Alexis needed to come to us to get a decision (DJ & reception hall had conflicting schedules of events because the reception hall contact was trying to get HIS way), Alexis asked us what we wanted, we told her, and she made it happen.  We went on enjoying our big night.

We did witness one more problem during the reception when we were taking a group photo.  One of our guests thought they should be in the picture (they weren’t supposed to be) and started yelling at Alexis.  This is our family, so you might be worried that the coordinator will take it personally and start yelling back.  Alexis was completely professional, and explained to her what was happening.  Even I wouldn’t have been able to handle my own relatives that well!

Basically, Alexis helped us enjoy our wedding so much more.  She was organized, calm, savvy, and diplomatic. And now when people ask us about our wedding, we get to tell them about all the amazing things that happened, and how everything came together beautifully! That’s probably not true though.  Most likely, things did not go smoothly.  But we don’t know anything about that.  Alexis does."

Christopher and Lindsay

"Alexis is undeniably the reason my family and I were able to enjoy Christopher’s and my wedding day.  Due to the illness of my father, we had our reception in the backyard of my parent’s home (white peaked tent, candle light – it was perfect!).  Because of this, we had multiple outside vendors to manage and a strict timeline that needed to be followed.  Alexis kept everything on track from the pictures to the wine bottle opening.  She ensured we were able to mingle with all of our guests, cut the cake, actually eat the dinner we had paid for(!), and still have plenty of time for dancing.  Most of all, we were able to simply enjoy time with family.  My father passed away shortly after the wedding.  Alexis gave us a priceless gift – a day in which we were able to simply savor one another while we could – what an immense blessing.  

Alexis is incredibly organized, proactive and savvy when it comes to weddings.  However, as important as those attributes are, she is also kind, passionate and respectful.  She does not simply help you plan your wedding day, she truly shares in the experience."

Anthony and ElleN

"When I look back at our fall 2013 wedding, I can say with some certainty that it would not be the beautiful and perfect event it was, without the help and support of our wedding coordinator, Alexis. When it came to our wedding I liked doing some of the planning but I knew that on the big day, I wanted the reigns in someone else’s hands. I wanted my husband and I to be able to enjoy every single second of our wedding day without worrying about if the flowers showed up to the hotel on time, or if our DJ had questions about if the ring bearer should be introduced with the bridal party. This is where Alexis came in.

Hiring her was unquestionably one of the best decision we made for our wedding because it allowed us to enjoy it all, while she took care of everything else. In one particular instance on our wedding day, I remember needing to let our videographer know that we wanted our photographer to be the main one capturing our day (i.e. we did not want the videographer in to get into our photographers way). I knew this was something that needed to be breached delicately and frankly, I did not want to be the one to tell the videographer about our decision. I asked Alexis to make it happen, and she did so with grace and class. I remember feeling such a huge relief knowing that instead of getting stressed about dealing with vendors, I could let her handle it!

Alexis is supremely knowledgeable about the wedding industry and was helpful from the very beginning. Along with being able to promptly keep the wedding day on track, ensuring vendors, bridal party and family are where they are when they are supposed to be she is a mastermind of creating the perfect wedding timeline for your event! In the month leading up to our big day, the stress was mounting and while I knew Alexis would be there for the wedding day, I did not realize how important a timeline was. Alexis worked with me over the phone to perfect our day of timeline and I immediately felt less stressed and more in control.

My advice to all brides: hire a wedding coordinator and sit back and enjoy every instant of what is sure to be a great day!"